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Dutylex is the premier bulk engine oil distributor in Ghana, providing a wide array of products and services for the automotive lubricant industry, including transmission fluid and synthetic oil.

We offer a complete range of high-quality marine lubricants that help protect engines and equipment, as well as enhance efficiency.

First, let us look at what we are trying to accomplish with a lubricant. At its most microscopic layer, no matter the piece of equipment, we are simply trying to separate …

We are a leading Aerospace steels manufacturer. Our special grade steels are being used in commercial and military aerospace projects.

Off-highway machinery, such as construction and agriculture equipment, face a variety of harsh conditions, from heavy loads and …

From bulldozers, dump trucks and draglines to scrapers and shovels, all construction equipment is subject to harsh conditions.

Whether you’re mining for minerals, metals, oil sands or coal, you expect your equipment to perform reliably and efficiently to maximize production, protect the environment and ensure a safe operation.

If you are in the energy business responsible for drilling, producing, processing or refining oil and gas, you know the importance of safe, reliable operations. 

Lubrication applications linked to steel making are among the most demanding. They very often combine high temperatures, fire risk, load, presence of water or contaminants and respect for the environment.

With a deep understanding of power plants and their unique requirements, Dutylex is ready to respond with reliability solutions including high-performance industrial lubricants for power generation. 

Whether producing pulp, paperboard or corrugated material, paper and pulp manufacturing plants use a wide range of equipment throughout the manufacturing process. 

Digging, dredging, hauling and pumping equipment require metal surfaces to be lubricated properly and be free of water and dirt to maximize operational life.

Lubricants for railway infrastructure and mobility: underground railways, inter-regional trains, high-speed trains, tramways, freight cars.

Hydraulic, engine, transmission oils and greases for all agricultural equipment: tractors, combine harvesters, corn-pickers, silage harvesters, round balers, big balers, verge cutters, circular spike harrows…

ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants stands for working with high-quality jet oils, hydraulic fluids, greases and other products to help your aircraft operate smoothly and efficiently.

The cement and concrete industry has some of toughest operating conditions in the industrial marketplace, including heavy loads, shock loads, temperature extremes,

Lubricants for the food industry, certified NSF, INS for incidental food contact, heat transfer, ammonia compressor, human foodstuffs, food-grade oil and grease, slaughterhouse, canning.

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