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Aviation Lubricants

Aviation Lubricants

ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants stands for working with high-quality jet oils, hydraulic fluids, greases and other products to help your aircraft operate smoothly and efficiently. Industry-leading, global distribution ensures reliable supply of our products and services around the world. Mobil Jet oils help deliver unparalleled performance to more than 11,000 engines and are designed to meet today and tomorrow’s challenges in aviation lubricants. They are suitable for a wide range of turbine applications in both commercial and military service.

ExxonMobil Aviation Greases

ExxonMobil Aviation Greases have an important role in aviation applications. This greases protect bearings and support various grease points on the aircraft. ExxonMobil Aviation Greases are premium aviation greases and are designed to deliver outstanding protection against wear and corrosion. ExxonMobil Aviation Greases provide excellent performance in extreme temperatures and endure adverse weather conditions.

Mobil Jet Oils

Mobil Jet Oils are designed to meet today and tomorrow’s aviation challenges. More than 11000 engines are lubricated by Mobil Jet Oils and are able to deliver unparalleled performance. Mobil Jet II is the legendary, hassle-free, second-generation oil that helps keep engines clean and operating at peak efficiency. These Mobil Jet Oils are suited for commercial and military turbine applications.

Exxon Hyjet Hydraulic Fluids

Exxon Hyjet Hydraulic Fluids are offering top performance compared to alternative hydraulic fluids and are widely acknowledged. These Hydraulic fluids are fire-resistant phosphate esters and are designed for use in commercial aircraft providing power conveyance, heat transfer protection, and protection against wear and corrosion and lubrication. The Hyjet V hydraulic fluid is superior in thermal and hydrolytic stability to commercially available Type IV hydraulic fluids.

Other lubricants

ExxonMobil Aviation has a wide range of lubricants that include piston, gear and specialty turbine oils. All these lubricants are specifically formulated to offer outstanding performance for a wide array of applications.

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