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Power Generation

Power Generation

Solutions include industrial lubricants for power generation

With a deep understanding of power plants and their unique requirements, Dutylex is ready to respond with reliability solutions including high-performance industrial lubricants for power generation. Whether you’re at a steam power plant, gas power plant or hydroelectric power plant, we can tailor a lubrication reliability program to address your individual maintenance concerns. We can help you protect your steam turbines, gas turbines, generators, boiler feed pumps, ball mills, rod mills and bowl mills with our selection of turbine oils, open gear lubricants, enclosed gear lubricants and other industrial lubricants for power generation equipment. In addition, Dutylex can provide you with reliability solutions including sight glasses, filter carts and oil analysis.

Lubrication reliability program keeps plants running

Because downtime is costly and can lead to an interruption in power supply, Dutylex is committed to keeping you up and running. We will work closely with you to determine your specific challenges, then develop a lubrication reliability program with solutions that maximize uptime and protect your power generation equipment. Through careful attention to common power plant problems, we’ve developed case-specific solutions to enhance performance and extend the lifespan of your lubricants and equipment.

Each Dutylex solution begins with an onsite assessment of all equipment requiring lubrication. A trained, local Dutylex lubrication consultant provides you with a detailed report recommending lubricants, application methods, usage amounts, and drain or lube intervals. In addition to Dutylex’s comprehensive line of premium industrial lubricants, your Dutylex consultant can offer you our other reliability products and services to ensure the effectiveness of your program. Common areas of focus at power plants include:

Steam Turbines and Boiler Feed Pumps – Steam turbines and boiler feed pumps commonly suffer from problems associated with water contamination, oxidation and thermal degradation. 

Ball and Rod Mills – Costly disposal, environmental concerns, ineffective lubricant and equipment damage are all issues that commonly plague ball and rod mills. 

Bowl Mills – Strenuous operating demands and dusty, harsh environments can lead to serious problems for bowl mills.

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