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Food Processing

Food Processing Lubricants

Lubricants for the food industry, certified NSF, INS for incidental food contact, heat transfer, ammonia compressor, human foodstuffs, food-grade oil and grease, slaughterhouse, canning.

Food machinery lubricants key to plant success

Dutylex knows that a high-performance food grade oil or grease can go a long way toward combating severe operating conditions and preventing the toll these conditions can take on expensive machinery. To help our customers succeed, Dutylex manufactures a variety of high-performance lubricants, including high-temperature lubricants, specially formulated to meet the needs of food, beverage and pharmaceutical operations.

Food processing equipment requires tough, durable lubricants that must withstand conditions such as wash-downs, high oven temperatures and areas susceptible to high contamination. Our H1 and H2 lubricants include solutions for heat, cold, moisture, rust and oxidation, wear, foaming, staining, odor, frequent visual inspections, and much more.

NSF H1 and USDA H2 food machinery lubricants

A variety of food, beverage and pharmaceutical plant applications require the use of H1 and H2 lubricants. NSF H1-certified lubricants have been cleared for use in USDA-inspected food processing plants, and can be used where incidental food contact may occur. The Orthodox Union also certifies all Mobil H1 lubricants – except for H1 Machine Oil – Kosher Pareve. H2 lubricants meet USDA H2 criteria for nonfood contact areas of food processing plants. Most Mobil lubricants meet USDA H2 criteria.

An H1 lubricant can serve as a protective anti-rust film, a release agent on gaskets or seals of tank closures, and as grease for machine parts and equipment. Uses for H2 lubricants include any nonfood contact areas of a food or beverage plant. These applications are usually below the production line and include oven chains, air compressors, oil circulating systems, enclosed gears, industrial turbines, hydraulics and oiled bearings.

Successful reliability program includes food grade oil and grease

Dutylex is committed to creating effective food processing lubricants and reliability programs so you can enjoy a long equipment lifespan. Our knowledgeable consultants conduct onsite inspections and provide product-specific data, as well as tailored support, recommendations and service, to ensure the success of your reliability program.

Dutylex offers maintenance training, contamination control solutions, fluid handling solutions, and everything else needed to maximize the profitability of food processing operations through optimum maintenance practices. To learn more about our food grade oils, food grade greases, and other lubricant reliability solutions, please contact us today.

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