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Tire Life® is a premium liquid formula developed to benefit all companies that manage commercial fleets. When added to a tire’s air chamber, Tire Life® protects tires and eliminates wheel/rim loss from scale and pitting, while improving air retention through its sealing qualities. Labor costs are greatly reduced as tire dismounting time is decreased.

Safety is one of the main contributions to our customers. Tire Life® not only reduces tire failures, but also aids in the prompt identification of tire cuts and wheel/rim cracks, and keeps tires running up to 7.5% cooler than similar tires without the benefit of our product.


When added to the air chamber in any tire, Tire Life® works to improve performance and safety in the following ways:

Performance Protection

  • Protects tire liners from degrading and preserves original state
  • Protects wheels / rims against rust scale and pitting
  • Improves air retention by sealing natural liner porosity and vent hole leakage
  • Seals the cracking and blistering of worn inner liners
  • Improves the seal over buffed areas when a proper repair has been installed
  • Reduces heat build up in tires
  • Aids in balancing commercial tires for improved treadwear and ride

Cost Protection

  • Eliminates the need for rim clean up and painting
  • Improves tire repairability
  • Decreases labor time for tire dismounting
  • Reduces labor time for air checks
  • Promotes maximum retreadability

Safety Protection

  • Excellent leak detector that safely identifies cracks in the rim base
  • Flash point tested to 1500°C and cannot contribute to auto-ignition
  • Non-hazardous and non-toxic


To provide maximum performance Tire Life® has been approved and tested by most major tire manufacturers, and is recommended by wheel manufacturers across the globe. We ensure every production batch comes with a Certificate of Analysis, our famous Tire Life® Written Guarantee, and upon request we will provide evidence of reports and test results to confirm all product claims. Tire Life® does not require a disclaimer on its Safety Data Sheet. It is proven to reduce ‘Micro Cracking’ of the wheel/rim base and is suitable for use in OTR, medium truck and bus and agricultural tires. It will not damage tire repairs.

Tire Life® is not a puncture sealant. It does not use fibers to reduce air loss, and is non-combustible even at 1500°C. This is an extremely safe product, having both passed the Aquatic Toxicity Classification test for safe use in the environment and the Vapor Release Assessment for safe use in the workplace

Tire expenses are in the top 3 for any vehicle fleet …

Protect your investment and increase vehicle performance and safety.
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