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Dutylex Company Limited is a legal entity, certified under the Company Act of Ghana and fully licensed by the Minerals Commission and Petroleum Commission of Ghana. A platinum member of Ghana, American and Canadian Chamber of mines.

Our main focus is on providing quality cutting-edge lubricant solutions to the Mining, Oil & Gas, Marine, Energy, Manufacturing, Agricultural and Construction  sectors as well as users of all heavy equipment and on highway vehicles. We distribute and deliver high-performance and efficiency inducing lubricants that benefit our customers in critical areas of high productivity, cost reduction and durability of all equipment.

Introducing TIRE LIFE®

Dutylex Company Limited is an EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR of  Tire Life®  in Ghana, a premium liquid formula developed to benefit all companies that manage commercial fleets. When added to a tire’s air chamber, Tire Life® protects tires and eliminates wheel/rim loss from scale and pitting, while improving air retention through its sealing qualities. Labor costs are greatly reduced as tire dismounting time is decreased.

Safety is one of the main contributions to our customers. Tire Life® not only reduces tire failures, but also aids in the prompt identification of tire cuts and wheel/rim cracks, and keeps tires running up to 7.5% cooler than similar tires without the benefit of our product.


Whether you’re mining for minerals, metals, oil sands or coal, you expect your equipment to perform reliably and efficiently to maximize production, protect the environment and ensure a safe operation.

PURITY™ FG food grade fluids and greases have been designed to meet the highest food industry safety standards.In fact, our products do more than protect your equipment from extreme temperature, …

If you are in the energy business responsible for drilling, producing, processing or refining oil and gas, you know the importance of safe, reliable operations. 

We offer a complete range of high-quality marine lubricants that help protect engines and equipment, as well as enhance efficiency.

First, let us look at what we are trying to accomplish with a lubricant. At its most microscopic layer, no matter the piece of equipment, we are simply trying to separate …

Off-highway machinery, such as construction and agriculture equipment, face a variety of harsh conditions, from heavy loads and …

From bulldozers, dump trucks and draglines to scrapers and shovels, all construction equipment is subject to harsh conditions.

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